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Hot Toys is bringing into your shelves detailed and very beautiful 1/6 MGR Raiden figure.

Official info and pictures from Hot Toys' page

Kojima's tweet pic, close up 1
Kojima's tweet, close up 2

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Gallery Folders

Raiden (Metal Gear Rising) by AngryRabbitGmoD
Raiden by arsenixc
MGRR : JACK IS BACK by illuscarymono
sketch by RobasArel
Raiden by TheFinalIllusion
I am lightning by Evil-Blade
It even rained the day I was born... by ChoFerry
Raiden (MGS4) by liaselen
Raiden by Metaruu
Raiden MGRR ink framed  by MattArtistJeevas
Rules of Nature by WOLFBLADE111
What by hwoarang93
Jack the Rejecter 1 by Rykumi
Question by DavidRiki
No need for Electrolytes by FugeOni
Short stories about Raiden and Sam :3 by DavidRiki
RAIDEN METALGEAR cosplay by G-cosplayer
My Heart - Raiden MGS 4 Cosplay by AlexBlacklight
Wanna Play? - Sweet Raiden Cosplay by AlexBlacklight
Sweet Raiden by RiiCosplay
Raiden  link crossover  by MattArtistJeevas
Raiden  Link crossover digital by MattArtistJeevas
Raidenoka  Meshmod by SaafRats
Raidenoka  (closeup) by SaafRats
Alternative Universe
Weredog/Kobold!Raiden by Swanstar444
Another Raidog by Swanstar444
Hey look, another Raiden furry by Swanstar444
Chubby Puppy by Swanstar444
Forbidden Fruit

Mature Content

Mr. Lightning Bolt Strikes back by hwoarang93
Pinkisamanlycolor.png by DiniZee

Mature Content

I Am Jack The Ripper by edwardscisorhands
Screen captures
Metal Gear Solid 4-Raiden and Rose by Cyberbublic
Raiden and OC
Let's Go! by Aurora-Silver

Start here!

Welcome to Raiden FC!

We don't serve here gunpowder or fission maileds, but lots of other Raiden stuff like digital art, traditional art, fictions, animations and cosplay. The club also keeps its members informed of all the newest Raiden news and goodies.

You can also follow our news and goodies in Tumblr at Fuck Yeah Says Raiden, whether you're Tumblr user or not.


NOTE THAT YOU NEED TO JOIN INTO THE GROUP IN ORDER TO SUBMIT YOUR WORK. The featured folder has been closed to prevent flooding of works in it and thus deviants that aren't our members can't submit any work to us. Consider joining in if you love to make Raiden fanworks.

Please also remember that this isn't Raiden Photobucket. Submit art works only; this means no silly figure photos (even though they are funny), no screen captures (even though we love to see Raiden), simple photo edits (even though Raiden with 4 hands is hilarious), promo art ect. The founder and Co-Founder have full right to decide whether to keep or remove Raiden submissions which don't meet the wished quality.

雷電 Featured
Contains some of the wonderful art pieces of Raiden.
The featured folder is not open for submissions, so add your submissions to the correct folders. Trying to submit your art, fics or cosplay into the Featured folder will automatically get "Not accepted" as an answer. In that case, submit the art, fic or cosplay again and this time into the right folder.
Only founder and Co-Founder have a right to request and copy art to this folder.

雷電 MGS2
Contains MGS2 art of Raiden.

雷電 MGS4
Contains MGS4 art of Raiden.

雷電 MGS Rising
Contains MGS Rising art of Raiden.

雷電 Comics
Raiden comics, also single panels ones and pictures with lots of small images and speech bubbles.

雷電 Cosplay
Contains Raiden cosplay photos.

雷電 Crossovers
Contains art and pics of Raiden appearing in other series, real or fan made.

雷電 Alternative Universe
Alternative Universe (AU) can be basically anything you can come up with from Raiden in high school to Raiden in WWII.
Don't confuse AU with Crossover.

雷電 FemRaiden
Contains female versions of Raiden. Sweet Snake Raiden pictures go here. IF you make male version of Sweet Snake Raiden, you can submit it to MGS4 folder.
Male Raiden dressed up as a woman can be submitted to regular folders.

雷電 Raiden and OC
Contains pictures featuring Raiden with your own character(s) or OC crossovers with Raiden.

雷電 Fanfiction
Contains Raiden fanfics.

雷電 Forbidden Fruit
A folder for mature submission. The club wants to stay open for all kind of Raiden art but still understand that all of the members aren't perhaps willing to view adult material. Submit your Raiden kinks here!

雷電 Screen captures
Even though Deviantart isn't Photobucket, the club wants to give Raiden artists and cosplayers reference material of the screen captures that has been submitted into DA.
To prevent Raiden club of becoming Raiden Photobucket and to control the submission "spamming", only founder and co-founcer can select screencap submissions by requesting screencaps to the club.

Here are a few important blog entries containing news and goodies.

MGS4 artbook - Raiden concept arts
Follow Raiden pot in Twitter
Quinton's Raiden prank call

Browse through our earlier blog entries to read more.

Our logo's base image is taken by Devilushninja. Give credits to him!


Visit in our affiliate groups!



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